Vintage Accessories

So I’ve made a previous post about my passion for “upcycling” and vintage pieces,  I’ve also made a post about myself in which I talk about being a vegetarian,  so this particular  entry may seem a little odd.

I’m extremely drawn to leather,  particularly old worn out leather.  I’m obsessed with the smell and feel of it,  to me it screams luxury and quality.  This is quite wrong considering how strict I am with my vegetarian diet,  but I made myself a rule.  Vintage leather only.  This means I’m not contributing further to the leather industry,  and can feel a little less guilty in my day-to-day life.  So now I’ve cleared that up I thought I’d share my latest and in my opinion greatest purchases.

Doctor’s Bag

When I bought this bag it was covered in a thick coating of dust and was cracking and splitting at the corners,  but after removing the dust with a soft cloth and buffing in saddle soap for three days the leather darkened nicely and became incredibly supple.

Ankle Boots

I bought these at the weekend from a man who works in the salvage industry,  he told me that they were from a country house stable that he recently cleared out and had been made in London around about 1900,  but I’m skeptical about his story as he is a salesman and obviously was on the hunt for a sale.  I had to clean the grime and dust of these with a toothbrush,  which took me hours,  and then slather then in a tonne of saddle soap,  but now they’re so supple and look stunning.  I love these boots and I’m dying to try them out this weekend!

This is an inexpensive way of getting quirky and unique items,  and all you really need is some saddle soap for treating the leather,  and some rags or a toothbrush for getting rid of the dust and dirt.  I hope you liked my pictures and that this has inspired you to have a go at upcycling.