My Upcycling Addiction

Over the past six months I’m sure I’ve spent hundreds of pounds  in car boot sales and charity shops,  I’ve bought some beautiful bags and shoes but to be perfectly honest the majority of things I’ve purchased would only be described by most people as dust-catchers,  clutter,  and general grannyish trash.  I on the other hand adore the trinkets,  and I’ve collected a smorgasbord of prettiness.  I’ve squirreled away everything from odd pieces of fine china to a mechanised bird-cage clock.

My Favourite Harlequin Tea Set

 Buying a full china set even a second-hand one will be ridiculously expensive,  but by mixing and matching odd pieces you can get a beautiful set that can flow well if you decide on a general colour scheme.  And if you’re a clumsy like me then it doesn’t really matter if you drop a cup,  unlike a matching set which would be ruined.  I paid around 50p for each piece

My (what I think is) Swedish Bear


 I just saw this on a stall and thought it was hilarious,  the bear is so chubby and cute with its big bulging eyes.  I paid £2 for him.

My Compacts


 I keep one of these in my purse every time I go out,  it feels so much more special to fix your hair in one of these babies. 

My Personal Favourite,  The Bird Cage Clock


This may look like junk to some people,  but to me its gentle ticking is incredibly comforting and it’s a piece that makes me so happyand relaxed.

I hope my enthusiasm for my clutter has shown you how fun upcycling can be,  and remember giving the high street a miss and putting the money in a charity shop till can be your good deed for the day.