Spring Wishlist

Well it’s apprently my Spring Break, however Scotland doesn’t seem to have recieved that particular memo.  Snow was just lasing down five minutes ago.  Also, I have my Higher finals in under 6 weeks. only freaking out slightly.  So, what’s my solution to all this?  Online shopping of course the modern girls alternative to a stiff drink. So this is a short wishlist of things I’ve been drooling over for the past few weeks:

1)   Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel and Clarifying Lotion.

If you’ve read my latest entry you’ll know I’m having some skin issues and I’m using Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar to treat the problem.  I’m very impressed and wanting to try some more of the range.

Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel 15ml

Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion 200ml

2)   Cle De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer #11

This may just be one of the most stunningly beautiful products I’ve ever seen, but at $95 this is pretty out of my reach.  But look at the beautiful pastel colours.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford the splurge because I really think these would look great on pale skin like mine.

Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer

Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer Refill


3)   Guerlain Nuit d’Amour Rouge Automatique

This is a beautiful vampy lipstick I discovered on Temptalia, however I don’t know if these are actually still being made.  Ah well, a girl can dream.  Check it out on Temptalia’s site, you won’t be disappointed it’s stunning.


4)   A Muubaa jacket

Muubaa make the most beautiful leather jackets I’ve ever seen.  I own a lovely varsity style leather jacket by Urban Code, but these just surpass that entirely.  The designs, cuts, and materials just scream quality and beauty.  These are my two favourites, and I’d love to buy one of these for winter.

Image 1 of Muubaa Leather Hazel Cowl Jacket

Image 1 of Muubaa Phlox Sheepskin Jacket


Anyway, now that I’ve racked up an extortionately priced imaginary shopping cart, I’m going to go study my butt off and drink hot chocolate.


Sleek Au Naturel Palette

I kept stumbling over the Sleek palettes in YouTube tutorials and beauty blogs and was quite taken in by the idea of these cheap but pigmented palettes, but alas, my local Superdrug is miniature and didn’t stock anything more the regulars like L’Oreal, BarryM, and Bourjois.  So the hunt was on, when I can’t get something my inner toddler seems to kick in, the desire for the item strengthens and I know I must have it.  Eventually around 3 weeks after finding out about Sleek I discovered it in the corner of a massive Superdrug outside town.  I had originally thought I’d be buying the Au Naturel, Bad Girl, and Storm palettes, but to be perfectly honest the Bad Girl and Storm ones just didn’t do it for me.  They’d probably be perfect for someone slightly more daring, but as a neutral lover navy and emerald green aren’t really an option.  So instead I just bought this …

The Palette

One of my favourite things about the packaging has to be how small and simple it is.  Brands like Urban Decay have amazing packaging, it’s something they really excel and I guess must be a selling point for some,  but it isn’t always practical as it can be awkward to carry around and end up looking dirty after months in your makeup bag.  This however, is easily transported and quickly wiped down to keep it nice and clean.

From left to right, bottom row; CONKER, MOSS, BARK, MINERAL EARTH, REGAL, NOIR.

NOUGAT is a matte bone white colour, so it’s the perfect highlight for pale to medium skintones.
NUBUCK is my personal favourite, it’s a lovely matte greige shade so makes a nice all over wash of colour.
CAPPUCCINO is a matte pale warm brown, possibly good for filling in blonde brows.
HONEYCOMB is a yellowy-beige colour, it’s basically the same colour as my eyelids so makes a great base for pale gals.
TOAST is my least favourite and I don’t think I’ll be using it too much, it’s an matte orangey-peach shade.
TAUPE is a shimmering champagne and gives an amazing metallic sheen to the eyes, has to be my second favourite shade.
CONKER is a shimmering purple-brown and has that same beautiful metallic sheen.
MOSS is a shimmering olive colour, I think this would be really nice as an all over wash on medium skintones.
BARK is a matte dark cool brown shade, this could be a nice liner colour or for brunettes brows.
MINERAL EARTH is a shimmering slightly darker version of BARK, and would be good for a brown smokey eye.
REGAL is a matte dark aubergine shade, I think this would be great for lining hazel eyes.
NOIR is a intense matte black, and this is perfect for lining the eyes by pushing into the lashine and smoking it out.

The Swatches

I have to apologise but I did my swatching in a weird order, two from the top then two from the bottom, like the squares shown in the pictures above. Anyway, from left to right NOUGAT, NUBUCK, CONKER, MOSS, CAPPUCCINO, HONEYCOMB, BARK, MINERAL EARTH, TOAST, TAUPE, REGAL, NOIRE.

I think the shades show up better on the finger swatches, these are just two swipes so you can see how they really are.

A Quick Look

I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as a base, then  NUBUCK all over and under the eye and NOUGAT on the inner eye for a highlight.  I finished off with two coats of Collection 2000’s Multiplier Mascara in Ultra Black.
As I’ve only had the palette for three days I’m unsure on the actual longevity of these shadows, but I’m going to say from my first observations that they will start to fade and crease by the end of the day but bare in mind I do have very oily eyelids so perhaps on the normal lid they could last the whole day.  The texture is creamy and smooth, and the colour payoff is quite intense,  far more than what I expected from such a low priced item.  The colours are incredibly wearable and perfect for a natural daytime look, the office, or school.  I’d have to say at £6.49 for 12 shadows these are great value for money and well worth the price, Overall I’ll give this palette 8/10.

Bobbi Brown Fondation Stick

Right, now I’ll put this out there straight away to avoid any confusion: I have not been using this product as an all over foundation,  instead I’ve been using it as a concealer for my blemishes.  So if you’re looking for a review on how this fares as a foundation then I don’t know how helpful this post will be to you.

I bought this as my concealer instead of Bobbi Brown’s actual concealer stick -which is called “face touch up stick“- as I felt that it had a more moisturising formula which is essential for me as the parts of my face I really need to conceal can get incredibly dry,  and I thought the concealer stick would just drag over the areas and look cakey.  Also gram-for-gram the foundation stick is much better value, at £3.00 per 1g compared to £7.83 per 1g, and considering how much concealer I get through this is a significant saving.

The casing is a nice lightweight metal, perfect for makeup on the go as it can be kept easily in your purse.  The moisturising formula lends itself to quick and easy application,  as it’s creamy and smooth the product will just glide on.

Obviously on application the colour will be lighter than the colour of the stick,  but the basic under tones are the same.  I went to my local Bobbi Brown counter to be matched to a shade,  and surprisingly enough I’m not actually the palest shade you can get!  Apparently I’m porcelain which is a very light shade with neutral to yellow undertones, this hint of yellow helps to minimise the redness around my nose and of my blemishes.  For those interested in this product I think it’s important to have a shade matched to your skin as opposed to just guessing,  but for those who’d like to use my skintone as reference,  alabastar was too pale and warm ivory came out too yellow on my skin.

This is the product blended out on my very pale, slightly pink, and veiny inner wrist,  and in my opinion it covers these “problems” fairly well.  The yellow manages to tone down the purpley veins and my pinky skin, but at the same doesn’t drastically change the colour of the skin.  A lot of foundations have the problem of oxidising,  which means after a few hours of wear it darkens,  but this product does not oxidise at all so you don’t have to worry about having bumped up a shade by early afternoon.  A very big issue I do have with this product though is its wear time,  due to the mositurising formula it melts off my skin after 4 or 5 hours,  but to combat this I put a bit extra powder onto the concealed areas to set it.  I feel the coverage it gives to blemishes is excellent and I can go out without foundation if I’m wearing this with a touch of pressed powder, as it gives me a lovely natural and casual look.  So Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick at £27 is a little overpriced in my opinion because of the poor wear  time,  but because of the smooth application and wide colour range it gets a 7/10 from me.

Chanel Mademoiselle and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

I’m planning to make a few posts over the next couple of days on a range of products, I have two fragrances and three make up products to give my opinion on.  I thought I’d start with a mini post on the fragrances since it’s 22:23 at the moment and I’m pretty tired.  Now obviously I am no perfume expert,  I am a teenage girl so you’re only getting a layman’s thoughts, but like everyone else I love to smell nice and luckily enough I’ve found two beautiful perfumes that I want to share with you.


Last Christmas I was given Coco Mademoiselle by my parents, I chose it with my mother after weeks of searching for a signature perfume.  This was the first one I tried out at the Chanel counter and fell in love with the delicate and feminine scent.  You hardly need any so even though it is quite expensive, £50 for 50ml of eau de toilette,  it lasts a very long time and as you can see my bottle is still pretty full.  Even though I have only the eau de toilette it’s strong enough to rub off onto my clothes and scarves,  leaving them smelling faintly of this beautiful scent.  I would recommend this as a daytime perfume, and when I spray it on in the morning the fresh sweet scent instantly gives me a little boost,  so taking into all these points I give it a 9/10.

After spending some time abroad, hence the lack of posting recently, I decided to treat myself to another Chanel fragrance.  So I bought Chance Eau Tendre in a French parfumerie and luckily got a special “Scottish person discount” so I got it for about £38 instead of £48.  I wear it every day and I have to admit even though I’ve only had it a few weeks it has to be my favourite out of the two, it’s fruity, floral, and comforting. I think this perfume in particular is perfect for younger women and teenage girls as it’s so light-hearted and youthful, I’m giving it the perfect 10/10.

Chanel Haul

So I haven’t posted in quite a while,  I felt quite bad about this so I decided buy a few things for the blog that I thought would be well received.

I’ve been stalking the Chanel Fall 2011 collection since the previews appeared online,  and I loved every single piece.  To be honest this collection was pretty big and I know a lot of people thought it was overkill,  but I share the opinion at ‘cafe makeup’ –  you can never have enough Chanel,  and those beautiful colours and luxurious feel of the products give me a lovely glowy feeling in my stomach.  But like almost everyone else I’m on a budget and that certainly doesn’t stretch to $633 for the entire Fall line.  So I picked the stunning quad ‘Prelude’ which I thought really complimented my cool skin tone,  the contour shadow brush,  and the shadow blending brush.

The Prelude quad cost £37,  the contour shadow brush was £18,  and the shadow blending brush was £25.  These are my first  “proper” brushes and I found the actual process of choosing them very difficult as there are so many options out there.  Most people seem to like the MAC brushes,  but my experiences with MAC have not been all too good so I chose to give them a miss and go with my favourite,  trusty Chanel.  To be honest I wanted Burberry but I’m not made of money.

All of the items came with a little velvet pouch which is emblazened with the Chanel logo,  I found these very useful as you can locate them by touch from inside your handbag and it also keeps the black plastic quad from being damaged or  scratched,  and the bristles of the brushes being bent out of shape.

Living in Scotland means I’ve got the European version which is baked unlike its US counterpart,  which means the colour payoff is supposedly not as great.  But I don’t care,  I still think it’s a wearable and buildable palette.  The texture is in my opinion smooth and the shadows blend together easily with great results.

These are my descriptions of the shades from top to bottom,  and just so I don’t repeat myself,  they all have an ever so slight shimmer that adds a lovely depth to the lid;  it does not show up too well but this is purple-black with a satin finish,  below that is a grey-purple taupe,  below that is a very useful beige taupe with a nice sheen,  and then below that there is an ivory- champagne colour which I adore.

I’ve been using the top shade as a liner in my upper lash line,  the second top colour is nice for defining the crease or for smoking out the outer corner of the eyes,  I’ve been using the third colour everyday as a blended wash all over my lids and then I drag the colour along my bottom lash line,  and the last shade is a little shimmery for an everyday brow bone highlighter but is perfect for the inner corner of the eyes to give that wide-eyed bambi look.

The top brush is the No. 14 contour brush,  the bristles are natural and the curved brush is firm but not overly so,  I haven’t noticed any shedding so far.  I use this mainly for lining but it’s also useful for adding small bits of colour to the lid or for highlighting the corners of the eye.  The bottom brush is the No. 17,  it is densely packed with natural bristles which blend out eyeshadows like a dream.  I have been using this brush for blending mainly but when I’m feeling lazy I also use it for applying a simple wash of colour from the crease,  this is perfect for applying makeup in a rush as it picks up lots of pigment but does not scratch at your eyes at all.

Overall I’m going to say this shopping spree has left me slightly desperate for more Chanel,  as with each piece I add to my collection I fall slightly more in love with the products.  I believe the products,  when applied correctly,  give a beautiful simplistic look that can be used for both daytime and evening.  I rate these brushes really highly at 9/10 as I think they preform superbly and even though they are quite pricey I believe they will be a good investment.  Although the palette has some of the nicest and well matched shades I’ve ever seen,  I’m a bit dissappointed that the formulation in the US is apparently so much better when I’m paying the same amount for supposedly the same product,  that irks me,  but I can’t deny the colours are stunning so I think 8/10 is appropriate.

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara

Okay I put this mascara on my wish-list about 2 weeks ago and actually bought it 2 days after that but I’ve been pretty useless and failed to upload my review since then… or you could flip it and could say I’ve been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and been a good reviewer?  Either way I’m writing the review now.

I was and remain completely penniless so this really only appealed to me because it costs £1.99 and seemed worth a shot.  But when I delved further into the Boots website I realised this might actually be a good product,  there were a number of really positive reviews out there.  So I picked my tube up,  having a look at what the collection had to offer in general,  I wasn’t blown away by variety but I guess it is the Natural Collection so I’m not surprised at their choice of shades and there does seem to be some more promising products.

So my first impression of the mascara was that there seemed to be a fair bit of excess,  but that’s nothing a square of tissue can’t fix and for £1.99 I’m not going to complain about waste.  The excess seemed to be concentrated at the base of the brush and the tip,  and I liked to dab and roll it off onto the paper.

These are my bare lashes,  quite short and straight,  nothing to write home about.

This is the 1st coat, and I’ve not brushed out any clumps just to show you how it really applies,  and to be honest I don’t think the clumping is too bad. 

This is the 2nd coat and I’ve still not brushed out the clumps so you can see the it does start to clog up my lashes. 

After brushing out clumps I think the lengthening is great!  I love how long and dark my lashes look,  and the clumps are practically all gone because they brush out so easily,  if I had found my tweezerman lash comb all signs of spider lashes would have been eradicated.

Natural Collection’s Lash Length Mascara applies fairly easily and quickly,  the wand isn’t too big or too small and the only difficulty you may meet will be if you’re as neurotic as me and have to wipe down your mascara wand.  It does have a bit of a synthetic smell,  not too strong or nasty but it’s definitely noticeable when you open the tube.  The mascara lasts all day on me without smudging or flaking,  and I received a few compliments from my friends about how nice my eyelashes looked.  This mascara didn’t give lots of volume but it certainly lengthened my lashes and I liked the formula,  not too thick or too runny,  and it didn’t completely dry so when I pulled at my lashes they didn’t come out.  The price for this is fantastic and is perfect for teens,  for people on lower budgets,  and for people who just don’t want to spend excessive amounts on a mascara.
All this means that I’m adding Natural Collection’s Lash Length Mascara to my permanent mascara stash and awarding it 8/10,  it would’ve scored higher if it hadn’t clumped after the 2 coats or had the strange smell.

Burberry Eyeshadow in Rosewood

The Burberry Beauty brand is so cleverly marketed,  it preys on every girl’s desire to be naturally beautiful and manages to make that illusion appear oh so effortless.  So of course I was tempted when I saw the ad campaign,  I’m only a teenage girl.

But like most people I’m on a budget and could only afford one piece, so I decided to shop around and looked on all the top beauty blogs and had a look at their swatches and reviews,  the product that jumped out at me the most was the Rosewood eyeshadow.  It just seemed to be a classic and neutral shade,  in the daytime I want to look natural and polished and I thought that Rosewood seemed perfect for just a quick wash of colour to accentuate my hazel eyes.

Since I’m a wee Scottish girl and the only Burberry counter in the whole of the UK is in London,  my only option was to purchase online.  I chose to order through the Burberry website itself rather than Harrods because not only was I paying a pound less I also got free delivery.  I paid £22 and it arrived beautifully packaged within 2 days,  so I was very impressed.

The eyeshadow compact itself is made of a lovely gun-metal with the iconic check embossed on it, it has a satisfying weight,  and a magnetised closing.  The eyeshadow is also stamped with the check and the formulation is silicone based so has a buttery smooth texture,  it provides a sheer pigmentation that lasts around 12 hours on me with no fading.  The shade is a mauve-taupe colour with a lovely metallic sheen and frosty pink undertones.

The compact


Full eyelid

Open eye

To sum up,  I have to admit that it is an expensive product and there are probably cheaper alternatives but this eyeshadow fulfills every hope I had of it.  The gorgeous colour,  the staying power of it,  and the lovely texture,  make it in my opinion the perfect eyeshadow.  So taking everything into consideration I think 9/10 is a fair rating.  I’ll definitely be looking into buying more from the Burberry Beauty range,  I’m already eyeing up their stunning fall collection!

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