My inspiration for the blog

Like a lot of teenage girls I fell in love with make up and most beauty products as soon as the hormones hit.  Ever since I was thirteen I’ve been browsing online looking for the latest and greatest products,  and every single accompanying swatch and review.  I’m a follower of many popular beauty blogs and find nothing more relaxing than flopping back into the couch with my laptop and a piping hot caramel mocha.  Even though I’ve learned the majority of my tricks from these blogs I have noticed an underwhelming amount of content being aimed at teens,  and lets face it whilst some adults continue to get it wrong from sixteen to sixty,  the majority of beauty crimes are being commited by the beauty newbies.  So,  fed  up with dodgy tide marks,  pink striped cheeks,  and clogged and clumpy spider lashes,  I started this blog in hope that I can show other girls some products and methods for a more natural finish,  that will enchance their beauty rather than hide it.  I completely believe that if women try to highlight their best features  instead of trying to conceal every little imperfection then confidence comes naturally,  being coated in foundation will only undermine your own feeling of self worth.

So from here on out I promise to give my honest opinion on all the products I buy,  no matter if I’m going against the grain of popular opinion.  I don’t want any readers wasting their hard earned cash on anything that they’ll be kicking themselves over.


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