Sleek Au Naturel Palette

I kept stumbling over the Sleek palettes in YouTube tutorials and beauty blogs and was quite taken in by the idea of these cheap but pigmented palettes, but alas, my local Superdrug is miniature and didn’t stock anything more the regulars like L’Oreal, BarryM, and Bourjois.  So the hunt was on, when I can’t get something my inner toddler seems to kick in, the desire for the item strengthens and I know I must have it.  Eventually around 3 weeks after finding out about Sleek I discovered it in the corner of a massive Superdrug outside town.  I had originally thought I’d be buying the Au Naturel, Bad Girl, and Storm palettes, but to be perfectly honest the Bad Girl and Storm ones just didn’t do it for me.  They’d probably be perfect for someone slightly more daring, but as a neutral lover navy and emerald green aren’t really an option.  So instead I just bought this …

The Palette

One of my favourite things about the packaging has to be how small and simple it is.  Brands like Urban Decay have amazing packaging, it’s something they really excel and I guess must be a selling point for some,  but it isn’t always practical as it can be awkward to carry around and end up looking dirty after months in your makeup bag.  This however, is easily transported and quickly wiped down to keep it nice and clean.

From left to right, bottom row; CONKER, MOSS, BARK, MINERAL EARTH, REGAL, NOIR.

NOUGAT is a matte bone white colour, so it’s the perfect highlight for pale to medium skintones.
NUBUCK is my personal favourite, it’s a lovely matte greige shade so makes a nice all over wash of colour.
CAPPUCCINO is a matte pale warm brown, possibly good for filling in blonde brows.
HONEYCOMB is a yellowy-beige colour, it’s basically the same colour as my eyelids so makes a great base for pale gals.
TOAST is my least favourite and I don’t think I’ll be using it too much, it’s an matte orangey-peach shade.
TAUPE is a shimmering champagne and gives an amazing metallic sheen to the eyes, has to be my second favourite shade.
CONKER is a shimmering purple-brown and has that same beautiful metallic sheen.
MOSS is a shimmering olive colour, I think this would be really nice as an all over wash on medium skintones.
BARK is a matte dark cool brown shade, this could be a nice liner colour or for brunettes brows.
MINERAL EARTH is a shimmering slightly darker version of BARK, and would be good for a brown smokey eye.
REGAL is a matte dark aubergine shade, I think this would be great for lining hazel eyes.
NOIR is a intense matte black, and this is perfect for lining the eyes by pushing into the lashine and smoking it out.

The Swatches

I have to apologise but I did my swatching in a weird order, two from the top then two from the bottom, like the squares shown in the pictures above. Anyway, from left to right NOUGAT, NUBUCK, CONKER, MOSS, CAPPUCCINO, HONEYCOMB, BARK, MINERAL EARTH, TOAST, TAUPE, REGAL, NOIRE.

I think the shades show up better on the finger swatches, these are just two swipes so you can see how they really are.

A Quick Look

I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as a base, then  NUBUCK all over and under the eye and NOUGAT on the inner eye for a highlight.  I finished off with two coats of Collection 2000’s Multiplier Mascara in Ultra Black.
As I’ve only had the palette for three days I’m unsure on the actual longevity of these shadows, but I’m going to say from my first observations that they will start to fade and crease by the end of the day but bare in mind I do have very oily eyelids so perhaps on the normal lid they could last the whole day.  The texture is creamy and smooth, and the colour payoff is quite intense,  far more than what I expected from such a low priced item.  The colours are incredibly wearable and perfect for a natural daytime look, the office, or school.  I’d have to say at £6.49 for 12 shadows these are great value for money and well worth the price, Overall I’ll give this palette 8/10.


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